Gift of Healing TV

Wednesday 19th April - ~ 7.30pm BST (8.30 CEST)

Dirk Albrodt

How to change learned behaviours with Flower Essences - free live webinar

“That is how I am, I cannot do anything about it.” One of many beliefs, one acquires in a certain stage in early life which determine it from then on.

Flowers essences can work backwards in time, they influence past experiences that created beliefs which dictate our experiences, health and behaviours.

The new concept of flower essence use is based on the fact that the idea that our genes rule our lives is outdated - it is our neurology. Everything is determined by what we learn right from the beginning (meaning conception).

Change (or inner growth or healing) means replacing limiting beliefs by ones that serve you. The fastest and easiest way to do so is to go back to a stage when the basic beliefs were established and let flower essences do their work.

They can solve deep rooted issues one never expected being able to solve.

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