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The Musical Messages of Flowers

Finally: Crowdfunding campaign started!

Today I am so happy that after a year and a half of the preparation, a lot of work, even more effort and almost more (technological) setbacks we are finally live! The crowdfunding for a new musical adventure has started. For over 20 years I have used the wonderful interpretations of Joel Andrews of Bougainvllea and Touch-Me-Not Balsam in individual sessions and with groups, in lectures and workshops. It was great.

And yet I have to admit, when you use the same tunes over and over again you may become a little over-familiar with them (sorry, Joel), and eventually the desire for something new comes up. For a long time, I was looking for a musician who can step in Joel’s shoews, someone who has the musical skills, the empathy and the spiritual background to turn the inspiration of the flowers into inspiring music.

Peter Vantine is a pianist. He plays in the church, in homes for elderly and disabled, and he met the challenge of being only musically able to communicate with his ill mother by turning to classical music, which led to the recording of his CD Peaceful Classics. Previously, he had already released two albums Prayerful Improvisations.

Meanwhile the first two pieces Peter recorded for me, Borage und Pineapple Weed, have often been used in group work. They are wonderful recordings that carry the message of the flowers and so touch the heart.

On the way to the production of the Flowers CD, however, there is still a hurdle to take: the financing. That is why we started the campaign on the Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. There we offer the possibility to pre-order the new CD, as well as a whole series of other beautiful things, from Peter’s earlier recordings to deepening meditation pieces to personal session with me in my practice.

Please visit and support the project

Peter Vantine Flowers CD

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