Flower Essence Music Presentation

Lecture, music, food, dance ....

Dirk Albrodt, therapist, has compiled a CD with meditative piano sounds inspired by flowers.

What can music and flowers mean for our health? Let us take a look at the history and the archetypal meaning of plants and music. How does music affect our brain, behaviour and feelings. What role do flowers play in this regard?

The inspiring piano music of the cd „Flowers“ will be presented to you on November 17th, so that all our guests can experience the healing combination itself. Sound, vision, taste and movement create a unique holistic experience for everyone.

What is stress actually and how does music calm down the most stressed person? The „reptile brain“ in our mind always makes us think it’s about life or death. For example: you want to ask the chef for a salary increase. Then the feeling of stress comes up, and lets you choose: fight or flight or play dead. Does it help? Of course not. But we do it again and again every time we get into a difficult situation.

Music turns off the fear center in our brain, which means that next time we willfeel comfortable will asking for more money which significantly increases the chance of the desired result. The same applies for flowers. Their color and fragrance help us to calm down and be self-confident.

And now we have flower-inspired music, how amazing is that!
Music to dream, that we solve our problems, that everything will be fine and we will be happy again. This dream (or inner vision) of the desired outcome is a prerequisite because what you can not imagine never becomes reality.

Friday 17th November will be a special evening!

In the cozy atmospheric in De Horizon in Amsterdam you will be welcomed by Irving and Carmen starting at 18:00 p.m. with a delicious meal.

At 19.30, Dirk’s lecture and the presentation of the music by Peter Vantine begins.

Discover the meaning of the sunflower, willowherb and borage. These plants are all archetypal, that is, we unconsciously understand what they want to tell us. It’s no coincidence that the sunflower stands for sincerity, while borage’s sadly drooping blossoms appear in a brilliant blue, the color of hope. Willowherb’s seeds come with small flyers who are almost magnetically attracted to accidents. Wherever they settle, a fire, an earthquake or another traumatic event has previously taken place. This specific meaning of the chosen plants is expressed by Peter Vantine’s music: giving hope, putting you back into your strength and processing your sorrow.
Just by listening to the music and enjoying it. Music has a special effect on the human brain, the music tunes take away stress, fear and turmoil.
A musical bouquet with healing effect for everyone, what else do you want!
After Dirk’s presentation, there is an opportunity to ask questions and afterwards Pega Loca plays beautiful acoustic guitar music with a South American flavour.
The dance floor is yours from that moment on.

Welcome! € 10 for the lecture, € 20 for the whole shabang including food and the cd! Drinks are for your own account. All further information and registration at: Carmen 0031-6-13365800 or Irving 0031-5-51241614. Call us

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