Tree of Bliss - Rock Alder

The Rock Alder tree has a sensual, fresh and youthful energy. The Rock Alder assists with balancing the inner male and female energies. This essence may be helpful for maintaining boundaries and balance in relationships and may be especially helpful for those who idealize their partners or whom have co-dependency issues. Rock Alder essence may aid with expressing our inner-most feelings and so assist with fostering increased trust and harmony within intimate relationships.

Rock Alder

This essence enlightens the sacral chakrum.

Affirmation: My inner feminine and masculine energies are in Divine balance. This harmony is reflected in all of my relationships.

Corresponding Colour: Orange

Supportive Essences: The Wild Olive essence may act as a supportive essence to the Rock Alder essence – particularly if the Rock Alder essence is being used to address a long-standing imbalance and an “awareness crisis” has arisen. An awareness crisis is an intensification of negative feelings or old patterns of being. It is the soul’s way of calling our attention to these old blockages that need to be acknowledged, blessed and released.

Rock Alder

Botanical Info

The Rock Alder - Canthium mundianum

Learning about how this tree grows in nature, brings further appreciation of its essence:

The Rock Alder is a small, semi-deciduous tree that reaches a height of about five meters. It is often found as a pioneer species, reclaiming areas of disturbed ground. The rock alder grows in evergreen forest, scrub land and rocky outcrops.

Rock alders are delicate in appearance, with pale, straight trunks that look and feel as if they have been carved from alabaster. They have an interesting growth form – arrow-straight with their side branches angled at 45° to the main trunk. In Spring the trees are studded with limey-green leaf buds. The small green and white flowers appear soon there after – they have an unusual, sweet fertile smell. The flowers are followed by asymmetrical, 2-lobed fruit that are black when ripe, and enjoyed by birds and baboons.

The timber is long lasting and makes good fence posts, furniture and small implements. It is resistant to borers and termites and is often associated with termite mounds. Wind-fallen branches are gathered at Platbos and hand-crafted into unique and beautiful pens, pendulums and pendants.

The Rock Alder has great potential as a landscape tree, and is reminiscent of the European silver birch. They have a youthful and vibrant life force.

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