Ben Tree Essence

Ben Tree Essence

“I sustain life.”

Latin Name: Moringa oleifera

Link to Chakra: Base Chakra

Origin:   A small tree from E. India with capsules about a foot long that split lengthwise into three segments.

Traditional herbal uses: Called “Moringa” in Gambia, the leaves are eaten like spinach and the slightly bitter, but nutty tasting seeds are taken as a malaria preventative.  The bark is also used for skin complaints.  In the Philippines, the young fruits, shoots, and flowers are used as a cooked vegetable. The roots are used as a condiment.  A non-drying oil, “oil of ben,” is obtained from the seeds.

Energetic properties:

  • Clears the aura of negative energy

In Gambia this tree is used commonly for its’ various medical properties – including malaria prophylaxis.  Bernard, one of the gardeners, introduced this lovely tree with its’ beautiful flowers to me.

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