Birds of Bakau Essence

Birds of Bakau Essence

    “I am part of the earth, but my spirit flies free.”

Bound to the earth, yet able to soar in the heavens, the birds of Makasutu express the duality of life – male/female, heaven/earth, life/death – all must dwell in balance.
Although firmly rooted in daily reality, the spirit is free to dream…and to fly.

Energetic properties:

  •     Balances energy at all levels

This essence was made with the co-operation of the wading birds who used the small inland pool which formed as a result of a beach reclamation project.  They seemed quite content to share some of the water, waddling slowly away to the far end of the pool while my husband gathered the water for me.

“I am a place of rest from the storms of life.”Latin Name: Coccoloba uviferaLink to Chakra: Heart ChakraOrigin: Tropical AmericaTraditional
“I am a shelter from life’s storms.”Latin Name: Serenoa repensLink to Chakra: Base ChakraOrigin: North American Atlantic coastTraditional
“I am overflowing with love.”Botanical Name: Microlepia strigosaLink to Chakra: Heart ChakraOrigin: Northern India, naturalised in BrazilTraditional
“I heal the creative heart.”Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensisLink to Chakra: Sacral ChakraOrigin:  The China rose or hibiscus is
“I gently protect the sweetness within.”Botanical Name: Opuntia ficus indiaLink to Chakra: Solar Plexus ChakraOrigin:  MexicoTraditional
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