Coconut Essence

Coconut Essence

    “I give freely and abundantly.”

Latin Name: Cocos nucifera

Link to Chakra: Base Chakra

Origin:  As coconuts can float great distances in the ocean, the exact origins are unknown.  It is possibly native to the Indian subcontinent or Polynesia.

Traditional herbal uses: Known as the “tree of life” for its’ many properties, different folk remedies utilize coconut fruit or plant parts for many health matters, including treatment of: abscesses and tumours, dysentery, cold and flu, constipation, scurvy, and venereal diseases.

Energetic properties:

  • Generosity
  • Encourage focus on physical wellbeing

This essence was made from a small stand of dwarf coconut palms on the hotel grounds. They provided shade while my husband and I looked out over the ocean and sweet water, brought to us by the gardeners (who, quite naturally, became well known to me).

“I am a place of rest from the storms of life.”Latin Name: Coccoloba uviferaLink to Chakra: Heart ChakraOrigin: Tropical AmericaTraditional
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“I am overflowing with love.”Botanical Name: Microlepia strigosaLink to Chakra: Heart ChakraOrigin: Northern India, naturalised in BrazilTraditional
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