Coyote Mint Essence

Coyote Mint Essence

 “My perfume stimulates the hunger of the inner mind.”

Botanical Name: Monardella odoratissima

Link to Chakra: Brow Chakra

Origin:  United States.  A low growing plant with purple puffballs, a strong aromatic odour can be detected from the plant.

Traditional herbal uses: In the past, the plant was used as a tea to treat colds and headaches.

Energetic properties:

  • Enjoyment of food
  • Calming
  • Enhance intuition
  • Intellectual pursuits
  • Opens the third eye
  • Detached analysis/understanding of situations
  • Clarity of Purpose

Every time I smelled this ground-hugging little plant, my stomach would growl – even if I’d already eaten!  It not only stimulated physical hunger, but a mental need for nourishment – the need to know.

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