Crocodiles of Katchikally Essence

Crocodiles of Katchikally Essence

“I am strong, yet gentle.”

 An ancient symbol of fertility, the crocodile is both fearsome and incredibly gentle.  The pool at Katchikally is one of several sacred crocodile pools in Gambia, where women go to pray when having difficulties conceiving a child.
Despite their obvious power, the crocodiles of Katchikally are quite placid.  These ancient creatures are silent participants and witnesses in the cycle of life and fertility.

Energetic properties:

  • Help remove creative blocks at all levels
  • Strength combined with gentleness

“Are you mad?” my husband asked me – “You can’t get water from a pool that’s been used by crocs to give to people!”  “Relax,” I replied.  “I may have pet the crocodiles, but I’m not going to get the water – one of the young men at the pool will do it.”  He wasn’t convinced, but fell silent.  I knew it wouldn’t be a problem – women had been going to the pool for generations to pray and be anointed with the water to cure infertility – and there was always someone to provide the water from the pool from them.  I wasn’t praying for procreation, but hoping to capture the creative energy that the crocodiles represented.

“I am a place of rest from the storms of life.”Latin Name: Coccoloba uviferaLink to Chakra: Heart ChakraOrigin: Tropical AmericaTraditional
“I am a shelter from life’s storms.”Latin Name: Serenoa repensLink to Chakra: Base ChakraOrigin: North American Atlantic coastTraditional
“I am overflowing with love.”Botanical Name: Microlepia strigosaLink to Chakra: Heart ChakraOrigin: Northern India, naturalised in BrazilTraditional
“I heal the creative heart.”Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensisLink to Chakra: Sacral ChakraOrigin:  The China rose or hibiscus is
“I gently protect the sweetness within.”Botanical Name: Opuntia ficus indiaLink to Chakra: Solar Plexus ChakraOrigin:  MexicoTraditional
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