Devil’s Trumpet Essence

Devil’s Trumpet Essence

“I open the eye within to see the universe without.”

Latin Name: Datura metel

Link to Chakra: Brow Chakra

Origin:  Tropical America.

Traditional herbal uses: Used by Native Americans in shamanic and healing ceremonies for its’ hallucinogenic and pain-relieving properties.  However, all parts of the plant are toxic and potentially fatal.

Energetic properties:

  • Shamanic healing
  • Psychic vision
  • Vision quests

This essence really was the one that almost wasn’t – I found her by accident on a previous trip, peeking out cheekily from underneath another shrub.  I told her I would be back to make an essence in a few months.  When I returned six months later – no plant!  I asked one of the gardeners what happened to it – I was walked to the back of the garden where some new plants were being put in – among them, three little Devil’s Trumpet shrubs with a bud each on two of them.  Although the flowers opened after our departure,  I was sure that the rising energy making the flower would also make a great essence.

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