Ethiopian Apple Essence

Ethiopian Apple Essence

“My speech is soft and beautiful.”

Latin Name: Syzygium malaccense

Link to Chakra: Throat Chakra

Origin: Also called “Malaysian Apple”, the tree is native to Malaysia, but has become naturalised  in the Pacific and Caribbean islands.  The tree is a fast-growing evergreen, reaching 12-18 m (40-60 ft) in height

Traditional herbal uses:   The ripe fruit is eaten raw though many people consider it insipid.  In Indonesia, the flowers are eaten in salads or are preserved in syrup. Young leaves and shoots, before turning green, are consumed raw with rice or are cooked and eaten as greens.  In the Molucca, or Spice, Islands, a decoction of the bark is used to treat thrush. Malayans apply a powder of the dried leaves on a cracked tongue, while in Brazil, various parts of the plant are used as remedies for constipation, diabetes, coughs, pulmonary catarrh, headache and other ailments.

Energetic properties:

  • Loving and gentle speech

A completely unexpected essence — made during a chance trip up into the mountains of “Cockpit Country” in the district   called Trelawney when  this beautiful flower and pear-like fruit called to me.  A beautiful essence from one of my favourite places in Jamaica!

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