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Ocean Essence

Ocean Essence

“I am the rhythm of life.”

 As the source of all life on earth, the ocean is truly the mother of us all, and like a mother she enfolds us in her love and healing.  Studies have even indicated that the body produces endorphins (“feel good” hormones, or natural pain killers) when we feel ocean spray on our bodies.
Whether calm and placid on a sunny day or straining at high tide to kiss the moon, the ocean rises and falls, even as the fluids in our bodies rise and fall with the cycles of the moon.
Ocean represents the constant ebb and flow of life, be it calm or tempestuous.

Energetic properties:

  • Awareness of one’s natural body rhythms
  • Emotional balance
  • Adjustment to change

This was the first of the three environmental essences – despite having a small coastline, Gambians depend on fish to a large degree, meat often being too expensive for most.  In case you wondered – no this essence doesn’t taste salty – fresh water in one bowl was set in a bowl of the sea water.

“I am a place of rest from the storms of life.”Latin Name: Coccoloba uviferaLink to Chakra: Heart ChakraOrigin: Tropical AmericaTraditional
“I am a shelter from life’s storms.”Latin Name: Serenoa repensLink to Chakra: Base ChakraOrigin: North American Atlantic coastTraditional
“I am overflowing with love.”Botanical Name: Microlepia strigosaLink to Chakra: Heart ChakraOrigin: Northern India, naturalised in BrazilTraditional
“I heal the creative heart.”Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensisLink to Chakra: Sacral ChakraOrigin:  The China rose or hibiscus is
“I gently protect the sweetness within.”Botanical Name: Opuntia ficus indiaLink to Chakra: Solar Plexus ChakraOrigin:  MexicoTraditional
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