Pomegranate Essence

Pomegranate Essence

“I claim the fullness of my feminine power.”

Latin Name: Punica granatum

Link to Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Origin: Native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India

Traditional herbal uses: All parts of the tree have been used as sources of tannin for curing leather.  The rind and flowers have been used for textile dyes.  The leaves can be steeped in vinegar to make ink.  In Japan, the bark is used to make insecticide.  Pomegranate juice is used in preparations to treat  dyspepsia and is also considered beneficial in treating leprosy.

Energetic properties:

  • Enhance intuition
  • Harmonise/balance feminine energy at all levels
  • Engender change at a deep level

I knew I was going to make a second essence on this particular trip, but had no idea what it was — and then this one bloom waved at me. I hurried and photographed and made an essence, fearing that the flower would drop off before I photographed it.  The flower didn’t fall off, nor was she the only pomegranate tree around!  Another gentle powerhouse, this essence opened up a whole new perspective of the world for me.

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