Periwinkle (Vinca major)

The image associated with this flower essence is that of the sword in the heart. The original wounding which everyone goes through, usually in adolescence, which is essential for development but is painful beyond words, is the main area that it addresses. This wounding is replayed in different circumstances throughout life, presenting the opportunity for healing.


This remedy is especially helpful at such times. It is also indicated for the wounding of the female by the male, whether it be inner or outer female or male, and for shattering of ideals which results in cynicism. It is these blows to the heart which result in so many keeping their heart chakras closed. Use of this essence allows the healing of the heart, easing the constriction and opening the heart chakra. It gives the strength necessary to integrate the pain, restore ideals and the courage to explore and expand the self, welcoming challenge and reaching beyond the threshold to establish new forms and patterns for living.

© Jannet Unite-Penny, 2012

This essence assists the individual who is over-serious, heavy or grim, with a repressed inner child. It brings carefreeness, ebullience and the ability
For over-striving. This essence has a softening impact on those who strive too hard in whatever they do, are inflexible in their approach, who have
For victimhood and self-pity. Feelings of victimhood often originate in childhood when circumstances are beyond one's control. The patterns are set and
This essence is for the leader. It allows the emergence of the positive qualities of leadership - the directedness and focus, the enthusiasm, the ability
For those who fear the loss of control in their lives. Such people may keep a tight rein on themselves, as well as seeking to control others or circumstances.
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