Island Rose

A rose is a rose…

Combines unconditional love with the capacity of loving and being loved; fosters the healing of deep spiritual and emotional wounds by creating a bond not only with the planet, and the beings living on it, but also with the entire universe. Brings about a feeling of total comfort and bliss! Rose is a valuable aspect of any kind of therapy, as it nourishes body, mind and soul.

© Birgitta Holenstein

Unearthing hidden treasures: the true values Like no other, this flower elixir helps restoring a sense of power, strength and clarity. Helps going to
Healing of the deepest heart space/pain into power Helpful to acknowledge that all things come from the Divine Source and this is where they will eventually
A vision of eternal bliss This night blooming bush produces a sweet fragrance that fills the entire garden with its irresistible aroma, bringing about
My life is filled with light and laughter The flower elixir of Lemongrass is the only one in our range which is prepared by working with the plant rather
Gracefully shift with time/living in the here and now Prepared from one of the world’s rarest plants, this essence actively helps you getting rid of
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