Datura - White Trumpet

No Pain - Happiness in the “Here and Now”

Datura - White Trumpot - Datura Metel - fam. solanaceae

For all those who have experienced too many painful and negative feelings in the past. Helps remove blockages, dissolves pain and trauma and fosters free energy flow. Enables us to acknowledge past experiences and their associated feelings, and helps letting go of them.


Brings light and healing into the darkness of pain

The essence helps to free oneself from a negative energy blockage, helps to unlock the pain and negative feelings from the darkness, opens to the pathway to the light so that the healing energy (light) may flow freely through the person's being again. Helps to let the trauma / pain surface (into consciousness) and be transformes into light. The person will be able to acknowledge his/her experience and feelings of pain and let go of it.

©Birgitta Holenstein

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