Bignoniacée – Truth Essence

Bignoniacée –  Truth Essence - the beauty of my truth

Self Love & Self Esteem
A deeply penetrating vibration strengthening self esteem, self worth and self love; helping us to stand up for our own truth and to love ourselves for what we truly are. Cleanses and harmonises solar plexus and stomach. For children who lack self-confidence in class and easily yield to peer pressure.

The Essence helps to live and speak ones own truth; prevents from being influenced by other people and their expectations and helps letting go of false self image.

  • For people who have difficulty in admitting to themselves and to others who they really are – e.g. for those who tend to lie to themselves or to others about what they truly feel, what they truly think and who they truly are.
  • For those who cannot accept their own shadow or hate certain actions they have taken or parts of their own personality; for lack of self-love.
  • For those who have lost themselves, because they lived an image for years that does not correspond with their true being; and for those who pretend to be something they are not in order to be loved by others.  


Helps release patterns that are not in harmony with our true being.
Helps to finally speak up, speak the truth, even though the truth may be uncomfortable or even hurting others. Helps realise that  truth will always be the highest, best for ourselves and the people around us.

“My true being is beautiful and filled with love. The beauty of my soul shines through my truth and illuminates any darkness within my being. I love myself, I love my truth.”

©Birgitta Holenstein

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