BN: Saraca Indica or Janesia Ashok FLY: Caesalpinieaceae - leguminoseae
Other Names: Sorrow less tree of India Flower Essence: 'without Grief’.


A remedy for women and old people. For those who have gone through great trauma and suffering. For deep seated sorrow, sadness, grief and disharmony in one's inner being due to events such as bereavement, failure, suffering, disease and isolation. On using this essence, a profound state of joy, harmony and well-being is produced. Helpful for women to be fertile.

©Drs. Atul and Rupa Shah

BN: Bombax Ceiba Fly: Bombaceae Other Names: Semal tree, Yamadruma, Salmali Flower Essence: for those who long to be free of a sub-conscious craving
BN: Hibiscus FLY:Malvaceae Flower Essence: It is an enhancer for increasing responsiveness to the spiritual world, and to one‘s own spirituality.
BN: Erythrina Variegatis Orientalis FLY: Leguminoceae Flower Essence: For the ‚narrow minded‘ religious people who are dogmatic, critical and simplistic
BN: Nymphea Alba FLY: Nymphaeeaceae Flower Essence: The „Kama Sutra‘ essence amongst flowers. Powerful tonic for many people with psychological
Botanical name: Pithecolobium saman Also called Monkey Pod in English Family name Leguminosae Flower Essence: A relationship enhancer for alleviating
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