Spotted Gliciridia

Spotted Glicirdia

BN: Gliciridia Maculata
FLY: Leguminoceae
Other Names: Rikry Rorshia Flower, Kona marum, Madre, Madura.

Flower Essence: It is for oppressive political leaders. It will reform those who imprison others for their political beliefs. It brings about a change of heart as well as enlightenment and wisdom.

©Drs. Atul and Rupa Shah

BN: Bombax Ceiba Fly: Bombaceae Other Names: Semal tree, Yamadruma, Salmali Flower Essence: for those who long to be free of a sub-conscious craving
BN: Hibiscus FLY:Malvaceae Flower Essence: It is an enhancer for increasing responsiveness to the spiritual world, and to one‘s own spirituality.
BN: Erythrina Variegatis Orientalis FLY: Leguminoceae Flower Essence: For the ‚narrow minded‘ religious people who are dogmatic, critical and simplistic
BN: Nymphea Alba FLY: Nymphaeeaceae Flower Essence: The „Kama Sutra‘ essence amongst flowers. Powerful tonic for many people with psychological
Botanical name: Pithecolobium saman Also called Monkey Pod in English Family name Leguminosae Flower Essence: A relationship enhancer for alleviating
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