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Embrace the shadow


Flower: Arisaema propinquum

Diffuses anger and frustration. A powerful essence for embracing the disowned, ‚darker‘ side of one‘s nature. Brings strength and clarity to the aspect where Pluto is placed in the birthchart. Eases Pluto transits.

Compassion, bliss Flower: Cephalanthera longifoliaA higher octave of the heart chakra. Accessing the angelic realms of the heart, compassion and bliss.
In this moment Flower: Clematis montanaBrings one to a place of trust in the big picture - that one is exactly where one needs to be in this moment. Also
Grounding Flower: Leycestra formosaGrounding. Balances excess energy in the head. Helps give balance and stability to people with a tendency to drug and
Inner beauty Quiet acceptance or connection with one‘s inner beauty - regardless of what may be going on around you.
Assists focus inward Flower: Roscoea alpinaA doorway in. For accessing greater depths within. Good for those who find it difficult to turn their focus
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