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Purple Orchid

Assists focus inward

Purple Orchid

Flower: Roscoea alpina

A doorway in. For accessing greater depths within. Good for those who find it difficult to turn their focus inward.

Compassion, bliss Flower: Cephalanthera longifoliaA higher octave of the heart chakra. Accessing the angelic realms of the heart, compassion and bliss.
In this moment Flower: Clematis montanaBrings one to a place of trust in the big picture - that one is exactly where one needs to be in this moment. Also
Grounding Flower: Leycestra formosaGrounding. Balances excess energy in the head. Helps give balance and stability to people with a tendency to drug and
Inner beauty Quiet acceptance or connection with one‘s inner beauty - regardless of what may be going on around you.
Embrace the shadow Flower: Arisaema propinquumDiffuses anger and frustration. A powerful essence for embracing the disowned, ‚darker‘ side of one‘s
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