Source: Easter Island


Heals past life wounds

Flower: Mira-Tahiti

Evoking ancient earth energy, healing past life wounds, merging into the wisdon of Gaia.
Made with sea water at the oldest sacred site on Easter Island, under the dark of the moon, with obsidian from the island‘s largest volcano, and the flower of Mira-Tahiti.

Source: Australia Strength, courageFlowers of the World. Place of origin: Australi, India, China.Enhances masculine strength, groundedness, courage, male
Source: India Dream consciouslyFlower: Acanthocereus horridusStep through the veil of dreams and into the mysteries. Excellent to take before sleeping;
Source: Brazil Let go of attachment Flower: Tillandsia strictaRebirth. Helps let go emotional attachment to the past. Supports seekers during difficult
Source: India Helps break addictionsFlower: Ipomoea purpureaGreet the morning with enthusiasm. Enhances vitality and tonifies the entire nervous system,
Source: India TonicFlower: NyphaeaceaeEnhances the crown chakra. Excellent to use in conjunction with meditation. General tonic and cleanser for the entire
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