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Chakra: HEART


Flower: Rosa webbiana

Enhances love, compassion, sincerity, truthfulness, depth of feelings, feeling of expansion and universal love, service, sharing, empathy and transpersonal love. Experience the fullness of ‘the empty heart’. Helps in cases of rigidity, contraction, bitterness, jealousy, feeling unloved, overly critical of others, disillusioned, lack of trust, withholding and irritability.

Chakra: SEX CENTRE Flowers: Leycesteria formosa, Calanthe tricarinata Enhances sexual and life energy. Helps with low libido, wounds around sexuality,
Chakra: HARA Flower: Erysimum melicentaeEnhances the connection with one’s power, one’s centre, stimulating creativity and integrating emotions. Allows
Chakra: SOLAR PLEXUS Flowers: Ranunculas lingua, Caltha palustris var. himalensis Enhances individuality, sincerity, honesty, self-worth, creative expression
Chakra: THROAT Flower: Delphinium incanumEnhances expression, communication, creativity, appreciation, dreaming, imagination. Helps in cases of shyness,
Chakra: THIRD EYE Flowers: Aquilegia pubiflora, Parochetus Communis, Thymus SerpyllumEnhances clarity, perception, intuition, sense of spirituality, meditation,
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