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Well Being

Chakra: HARA

Well Being

Flower: Erysimum melicentae

Enhances the connection with one’s power, one’s centre, stimulating creativity and integrating emotions. Allows one to simply ‘be’. Helps diffuse internalised anger, birth traumas, fear of death.

Chakra: SEX CENTRE Flowers: Leycesteria formosa, Calanthe tricarinata Enhances sexual and life energy. Helps with low libido, wounds around sexuality,
Chakra: SOLAR PLEXUS Flowers: Ranunculas lingua, Caltha palustris var. himalensis Enhances individuality, sincerity, honesty, self-worth, creative expression
Chakra: HEART Flower: Rosa webbianaEnhances love, compassion, sincerity, truthfulness, depth of feelings, feeling of expansion and universal love, service,
Chakra: THROAT Flower: Delphinium incanumEnhances expression, communication, creativity, appreciation, dreaming, imagination. Helps in cases of shyness,
Chakra: THIRD EYE Flowers: Aquilegia pubiflora, Parochetus Communis, Thymus SerpyllumEnhances clarity, perception, intuition, sense of spirituality, meditation,
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