Allium gray


Gives strength, grace and bliss to be alone and enablers you to relate with others openly. To have a relation in which you can respect each other without dependence on or dominance over the other as independent individuals.

For those who like to be alone, yet hide feelings of loneliness or fear inside. For those who tend to feel out of place or isolated and have a hard time sharing their feelings openly. For meditations, rituals or prayers done alone.

Fraxinus sieboldianaLower a ShieldHelps you unarm your unnecessary shield. Provokes small stagnated parts and purifies them. For those who dislike to be
ResinAbundanceSurrender to the earth. Terrestrial abundance. Helps you receive abundance of the material world. Removes evil force. Connects the higher
HenbitInspiration and LiberationHelps you receive energy from higher dimensions through inspiration and give shape to it on the earth. Helps you use antenna
Black locustHoly DrunkardBliss that descended from heaven to earth. Helps you connect without any reason with joy or happiness . Helps you regain your
CudweedMother's LoveHelps you accept your mother's unconditional love that you could not accept before. Gentle healing to an inner child. Mother who babies
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