Acacia - Acacia purpurea


Your Healing Challenges

  • For feelings of vulnerability
  • For separation anxiety
  • For mother-child conflict.
  • For fear of intimacy
  • For psychic attack
  • For entity attachment

Your Healing Outcomes

  • Brings a sense of calm and confidence
  • Encourages inner strength and self-esteem
  • Promotes mother-child bonding
  • Enhances the mother-child relationship.
  • Enhances intimate connection.
  • Clears the aura of entity attachment
  • Brings a feeling of safety in crowds.

A large bushy shrub or tree with lovely silvery blue foliage, it takes on a purple hue when it grows in the warmer climate, where it is not cold enough for the tree to flower. The distinct purple colour, after which it is named, makes it an attractive ornamental and arises from the new leaf growth, which appears as an aura, or purplish haze surrounding the outline of the tree. The haze becomes distinctly brighter and more noticeable in spring as new growth is increasing. The leaves are small and feathery, composed of numerous finely divided pinnae at right angles to the leaf stalk, and are a mealy-blue in colour. Although all wattles have feathery, bi-pinnate leaves in their infant stage, this variety maintains the infant growth into their adult life.

Doctrine of Signatures
This essence is not made from the flowers but rather the new leaf growth, which gives off a purplish-mauve colour at the extremities. The purple haze is similar to the aura, or electro-magnetic sheath, which surrounds the human being. The human is made up of a bio-electric system overlaid by a physical component, as we have previously discussed. Similar to an electrical current the body produces an electrical field, or bio-field as it is termed, known as the aura.

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