Cassia - Cassia corymbosa

Healing Challenges

  • For feeling lost or incomplete.
  • For feeling alienated from oneself.
  • For soul depression.
  • For a victim mentality.
  • For feeling trapped in old patterns of behaviour.
  • For feeling dull and uninspired and lacking ideas.
  • For addictions to a substance, relationship, cause or life situation.
  • Energetically assists with constipation, diarrhoea, diverticulitis, polyps, twisted bowel and colon cancer.
  • For inability to ‘see’.

Healing Outcomes

  • For self- empowerment and confidence.
  • Strengthens the will.
  • Restores faith in oneself.
  • For optimism.
  • Brings clarity and new vision.
  • Assists in creating healing visualisations.
  • Strengthens the digestive system, works powerfully on the Liver, Gallbladder, Colon and Kidney.
  • The ‚Wounded Healer’ remedy.
  • Eases ‘Saturn Return’ time in one’s life.
  • Energetically aids vision


Fast-growing shrubs from the old and new world, this particular variety is known as the Buttercup Tree and is characterised by butter- yellow clusters of 3.8 cm. (1.5 inches) flowers.

It flowers around Easter and is considered a weed in the sense that it grows on the borders of the re-growth frontier in tropical growth areas. It is a native of tropical America; however, there are several native Australian Cassias, more particularly suited to dry districts.
Doctrine of Signatures

The flower has three heart-shaped petals, which form the ‚top‘ of the flower and two cup-like petals completing the circle, making up five petals in all.

From the centre, two yellow anthers looking like arms reach out in a supportive embrace, upholding the heart. Between these two, a single green stigma projects outwards and upwards, calling energy back to the heart.

At the very centre of the flower, a globe-like arrangement (reminiscent of an energy-saving globe) protrudes forward, topped by three miniature heart-shaped clusters that echo the heart-shaped petals directly above them.

The centre is green and the petals are a clear bright yellow.

This genus produces the senna pods of medicine, the properties of which are purgative. They prompt an urgent, complete bowel evacuation.

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