Native Flax

Native Flax

Keyword: Enthusiasm

Negative Condition: Impatient, tense, frustrated, irritable, flares up quickly, impetuous, abrupt, headstrong, overly enthusiastic, tires easily.

Positive Outcome: Eager, forthright, motivated, lively, quick thinking and acting, patient.

10ml Stock oral dropper bottle

Keyword: ServiceNegative Condition: Resigned, apathetic, lack of interest, underdog, no effort for self-improvement.Positive Outcome: Devotion, kindness,
Keyword: EmpathyNegative Condition: Self-centred, seeks attention, saps other’s energy, a poor listener, fixated by own troubles.Positive Outcome: The
Keyword: UnityNegative Condition: Anxiety, foreboding, apprehension, fear of unknown things, escapist tendancies result in not managing material responsibilities.Positive
Keyword: ParticipationNegative Condition: Aloof, a loner, appears proud but feels emotionally isolated and lonely, social alienation or withdrawal.Positive
Keyword: FreedomNegative Condition: Self-denial, hard on self, rigid strict views and outlook, sanctimonious, intensley dogmatic.Positive Outcome: Adaptability,
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