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    Can we learn how it does what it does? Friday, 08 May 2015
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    You may try it here:... Friday, 27 December 2013
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    Anyone know where I can find this... Sunday, 22 December 2013
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    It's great to see flower essences... Tuesday, 22 May 2012
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    A wonderful story and all the more... Monday, 21 May 2012

Lace Fern

Lace Fern

Keyword: Energetic Integrity

Restoring and maintaining the auric pattern and energetic integrity; recalibration of one’s own perfect energy pattern; honoring one’s uniqueness and gifts; fulfilling one’s healing destiny.

Keyword: NeutralityMaintaining objectivity; identifying the main issue; valuing others viewpoints; relaying information concisely; clarity of communication;
Keyword: Responsible CreationThe power of thought; awareness; truthfulness; creating your own reality; for understanding thoughts are things; for the after
Keyword: Supersensory GiftsEqual development and use of the five subtle senses; activating the five subtle senses - clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience,
Keyword: Metaphysical SensitivityFeeling for the energy; enhances clairsentient abilities; useful for the practitioner wishing to feel, sense, identify
Keyword: Triangle of PowerActivating the triangle of healing power; linking in yourself and the client with the highest spiritual energy; calling on the
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