Beyond all hope

Wild Rose

Rosa canina is one of the Bach Flower Essences. Edward Bach writes in skimpy key words on the wild rose essence

"Wild Rose people have without complaint, resulting in the battle of life. Wild Rose can help to awaken joy of life and enthusiasm again."

                                        Foto:Manfred Heyde

Despair and agony. Early experience of the bitter reality is no prospect of better times. This means home experience, isolation of close family members, some psycho-physical assault to absolut agonie and Resignation.First comes the retreat and the stasis through the dreary, weary conditions, then moving on to a life of chronic fatigue.

The fatigue life is not to be compared with a death wish. Because hopelessness knows absolutely no desire, no matter whatever stripe.  The image of even such a tiny gray mouse.

Without emotion and without dreams and desires. Here come the constellations of the Moon Saturn in consideration of the Virgin Mercury-Saturn. The Sun-Saturn.

AlI the conjunction of Saturn to II quadrant of the Zodiac. The Wild Rose Essence is a glimmer of hope into the realms of soul, devoid of any hope. Even a hint of sensation itself felt as grief, can open the way to the life force.

Wild Rose activates the Lilith in the horoscope. Thus, a primal force comes into being. Who wants to be survival alive. The spirits are awakened. This makes it the Wildrose personality over time possible to process the images of the past slowly submerged. And thereby derive hope that he has a right to a full life.

The music video shows aspects of the Wildrose problem.

Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave were romantically involved at the time and both heroin addict.

The formula of Bach‘s emergency combination is being manufactured anywhere in the world and under all kinds of trademarks that makes it difficult to
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