Aspen - Face the fear

Aspen - Populus tremula

5 - 20 m tall tree, member of the Willow family with yellow-brown stem, leaves 3-7 cm long, almost completely round, flowers in hanging catkins; needs lots of light and warmth
Distribution: Europe, America, Asia
Flowering time: March, April


Keywords: curiosity, joy, security
Short description: Helps with inexplicable fear without any obvious reason; for anxiety about the future and vague fears
Chakra: Solar Chakra
Acupuncture Meridian: kidney


The essence:

Aspen is an essence that is particularly suitable for examination of one‘s own psyche. Fears of unknown cause, the feeling of being threatened or the expectation of future disasters, even if there are no reasons for such, these are emotional states, which react very positively to the Aspen. Aspen brings clarity, help to distinguish facts from fears and brings confidence and self-confidence.


©Dirk Albrodt

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