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Elm - Break the deadlock

Elm - Ulmus procera

Grand, up to 35 m tall tree with thick, straight trunk, bark dark brown, wrinkled; oval leaves up to 10 cm long, flowers inconspicuous, green to pink.
Distribution: Europe, North America
Flowering period: February, March


Keywords: confidence, regain strength, stay on course
Short description: Helps with sudden fear of failure and feelings of inadequacy
Chakra: Basis Chakra


The essence

Elm is an essence that is used short- rather than long-term. It affects people who are doing good work, take responsibility and make an important contribution for the good of mankind.

Sometimes, however, feelings can come up of being overburdened with work and responsibility. They begin to doubt their own abilities and fearing not being able to cope with a situation they usually do very well. In such a case, these people can slide into a deep depression.

Elm gives them the needed confidence in their performance and brings them safely through dangers feared or actually occurring.

©Dirk Albrodt

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