Centaury - Assertiveness

Centaury - Centaurium umbellatum

10 - 50 cm high member of the gentian family; small basal rosette; stems branched only at the inflorescence; triangular leaves; erect inflorescences emerge from the stem and grow parallel to it; flower pinkish-lavender, 1cm across with yellow anthers; loves dry, sandy soil, warm temperatures
Distribution: Europe, western Asia, northern Africa, North America
Flowering time: July to October


Keywords: assertiveness, setting boundaries
Short description: Helps people who love to serve so much, that they neglect their own needs
Chakra: Heart Chakra


The essence

Centaury is for good-natured people who are easily exploited. They are friendly and helpful with a tendency to self-abandonment and sometimes underestimate their own power. The flower essence strengthens the ego, makes it possible to refuse tasks that overburden you, and protects against transgressions by others. IT teaches to say ‚no‘ without bad consciousness.


Centaury resolves the entrenched belief that you need to serve others, and that giving is better than to receive. Both will be brought into balance by this essence. You will still love to assist and support but will not let yourself be enslaved.  

©Dirk Albrodt

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