Water Violet - Overcome loneliness

Water Violet - Hottonia palustris

hardy water plant; stems grow to 30 cm above the water surface; feathery leaves just below the water surface; five-petalled flowers in whorls, white to pale pink with a yellow center.
Distribution: Europe
Flowering period: May, June

Water Violet

Keywords: social, interpersonal skills, allow closeness
Description: Helps with seclusion, solitude and lack of contact, creating connectedness with others
Chakra: Crown chakra

Water Violet

The essence

Water Violet is for quiet and shy people who are independent and do not interfere. They are silent, moving almost silently, speak little and not noisy.

Water Violet

If they increasingly turn inward and neglect their outreach they unintentionally glide into solitude, which they barely notice but also are unable to find a way out. Loneliness is their comfortzone. Water Violet tears down the barrier that you have built around themselves.  It arouses interest in other people and being part of a community. This essence also allows to deeply commit to other people, and creates a new dimension in one‘s relationships.

©Dirk Albrodt

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