Holly - Sweet Temper

Holly - Ilex aquifolium

up to 7 m tall shrub with leathery, glossy, spiny toothed leaves; loves moist, slightly acidic soils in deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests; small clusters of white flowers in the leaf axils.
Distribution: Europe, America
Flowering time: May


Keywords: peace, love, harmony, gentleness
Brief description: calms excessive emotional reactions like jealousy, rage, anger as well as inflammatory reactions at the physical level.
Chakra: Heart Chakra


The essence

Holly is really great for calming down emotional turmoil. As a type remedy it is suitable for people with a penchant for drama, in which everything is accompanied by emotional outbursts.  In a positive light this means the person is capable of great love and passion, but if something fails as well of great anger and wrath.


In extreme cases the inner upheaval can cause destructiveness, tantrums and outbursts of rage. Such people tend to be aggressive when they feel provoked. After the outburst they often feel deeply sorry for their victims.


Holly is a plant of great love. In England, it serves as a symbol of the universal divine love.
Its essence calms and soothes, it helps to rise above the cause of jealousy, anger and rage and see things from a distance. To make it short: it alleviates excessive reactions. On the physical level it can provide an impetus to reduce fever, such as inflammation relief. It acts on heated emotions as well as on overheated body.

©Dirk Albrodt

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