Red Chestnut - The Worries Can Go

Red Chestnut - Aesculus carnea

up to 25 m tall tree with a large crown on a thick stem, bark gray to brown; leaves deeply divided, each blade up to 25 cm long; numerous red flowers on upright panicles
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: May

Red Chestnut

Keywords: Trust, confidence, let go worries about others
Brief Description: Helps with projection of your own fears onto others; when you constanly fear something bad would happen to a loved one
Energy: Yang energy
Chakras: Solar Plexus Chakra

Red Chestnut

The essence

Red Chestnut is a flower essence for those people who persistently worry about others, whose thoughts are dominated by fears of the worst kind. They cannot let their worries go  and relax. Of course they have trouble sleeping. In their heads thoughts revolve around possible accidents of friends and relatives.

Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut helps to see things from a distance. You can recognize relationship contexts and let the children grow up in peace, without having to give them your own fears and blockages along the way.

©Dirk Albrodt

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