Rock Water - Peace With Yourself

Rock Water - Water from healing springs

Essence made from spring water produced by the sun method. The very first environmental essence.

Rock Water

Keywords: agility, spontaneity, flexibility
Brief Description: Helps with martyrdom, extreme self-discipline, self-denial and denial of one‘s own needs
Chakras: Sacral Chakra

Rock Water

The essence

Rock Water is a type remedy for people who deal very strictly with themselves. They want to be a role model and do their best to consistently perform perfectly. They might be attached to dogmatic or liberal or spiritual teachings - and do not tolerate any deviation. Often they are ascetic and forbid themselves the small pleasures of life and therefore they are indeed a model, but one of a quite joyless life.

Rock Water softens this rigid posture and allows to be indulgent with yourself. The essence frees from the inner need to judge yourself for such sins as sleeping long or dine royally. Self-discipline remains their superior quality, dealing fairly, friendly and gentle - first with yourself, then with others - is added.

©Dirk Albrodt

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