Agrimony - Let us know how you feel

Agrimony - Agrimonia eupatoria

About 1 m tall plant with upright stems in loose soil; loves warmth; scattered on sunny edges and tracks of the forest; yellow flowers in long clusters
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: June to August


Keywords: self-esteem, openness, inner peace
Brief description: Helps with feigned carelessness, when you tend to paper over the cracks and cover your inner distress
Chakras: Heart Chakra


The Essence

Agrimony Essence is for pleasant, friendly, happy people who are popular and humorous, but in reality they put on a mask and do not reflect what is actually going on inside of them. They think they can not afford to be weak or reveal their weakness. They are afraid of losing sympathy and friendship otherwise.


Agrimony teaches to be able to show your true nature and brings confidence in the reactions of friends. When we admit a weakness it can even bring more satisfactory relationships. Inner life and interpersonal relationships are reconciled, and therefore more open and deeper. The humor stays, the clown's mask however is no longer needed.

©Dirk Albrodt

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