Larch - Strengthen your spine

Larch - Larix decidua

Deciduous conifer, up to 40 m high; bark gray-brown, fissured into plates; main branches short, almost horizontal,  side branches often pendulous; leaves needle-like, light green; soft, red female flowers, male flowers yellow
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: March, April


Keywords: attitude, backbone, self-confidence
Brief description: Helps with feelings of inadequacy and being nobody, when you always expect the failure
Energy: Yin energy
Chakra: Basis Chakra


The essence

Larch is an essence for people who make themselves look small. They fear failure, doubt their abilities and the resulting discouragement forces them to inaction. Only he who does nothing makes no mistakes. So Larch personalities do not even begin because they anticipate failure and feel they are doomed to fail.


Larch essence brings new courage and new hope, confidence and strength, promotes personal growth and creates new opportunities.

©Dirk Albrodt

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