Cherry Plum - The silence in the eye of the hurricane

Cherry Plum - Kirschpflaume - Prunus cerasifera

4 - 8 m tall tree of the rose family, native to Asia; leaves green or red; flowers white to pink with 5 petals; undemanding and hardy plant
Distribution: Europe, America, Asia
Flowering time: April, May

Cherry Plum

Keywords: centering, calmness, let go
Brief Description: helps to stay calm in exceptionally charged situations when you are afraid of losing control or your mind
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra

Cherry Plum

The essence

How do you feel when you respond to Cherry Plum essence?
The nerves strained to the breaking of the highest excitement, you believe not being able to stand it. It is unbearable. There must be something you can do to stop it, no matter what. You could hammer your head against the wall, jump out the window, do something completely insane, maybe even kill someone ...?

Cherry Plum

You are so outraged that you no longer trust yourselfs and fear you could do something that you would regret later. Fear of losing control, to get frantic or mad. It‘s gonna take a very strong force, to bring you back into balance, to regain ground under your feet and get your inner strength back. If your feelings threaten to overwhelm you and you have lost confidence in your inner impulses, it is high time for a dose of Cherry Plum. It will bring back confidence in your internal guidance and thus the inner peace.

©Dirk Albrodt

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