Heather - Finally grow up

Heather - Calluna vulgaris

10 - 50 cm tall shrub; likes sandy, acidic soil, found in heathland, forests and meadows; needle-shaped leaves; small pink flowers in clusters
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: June to September


Keywords: listening, empathy, ability to relate
Brief description: helps with egocentricity, brings inner peace and maturity, teaches you to listen and respond to others
Energy: Yin energy
Chakra: Crown Chakra


The essence

Some people may really look like grown ups - however internally they feel like children and they do behave as such lacking attention. Their perspective is egocentric, they live in their very own universe, where no other can be at the center. They constantly try to adapt the outside world to their internal universe.

They hardly notice their fellow human beings, because they focus on themselves, and claim all available attention. On the other hand, they are always looking for company, can be hardly alone, but are chatty and only talk about themselves.


Heather teaches them to take themselves less important, and see themselves in relationship to others and the world. This essence enables to grow up internally, helps to develop a mature perspective and turn to others. With the help of Heather you learn to listen. Your own little aches and pains become less important.

©Dirk Albrodt

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