Hornbeam - Every morning a good morning

Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus

up to 30 m high tree; gray bark, often with stripes and furrows; 4-10 cm long, oval, doubly serrated leaves; flowers greenish-yellow catkins on same tree
Distribution: Europe, Asia
Flowering time: April, May


Keywords: lust for life, verve, vitality
Brief description: brings new motivation and drive, when you feel down and listless without a special reason
Energy: Yang energy
Chakra: Throat Chakra


The essence

Hornbeam gives those fresh energies who are not really motivated, but listless without a special reason. They feel tired and cannot really pull themselves together - even though they know  that they can cope with the tasks ahead. They are just so boring or repeating or uninspiring.


The essence helps you to find a way out of the bleakness and boredom. It lets you take a look at things in new ways and teaches to notice their positive aspects. Hornbeam harmonizes the natural flow of life and the will. It brings refreshment for body and soul and helps to cope with everyday life with ease.

©Dirk Albrodt

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