Mimulus - Cheer Up And Face Your Fear

Mimulus - Mimulus guttatus

up to 50 cm tall annual or perennial herbaceous wildflower; loves moist soil, often to be found near streams and rivers; five-petalled yellow flowers on the lower lip small red spots.
Distribution: North America, Europe
Flowering time: June to August


Keywords: courage, strength, confidence
Brief description: Helps with fear of certain people, animals, things, situations, etc.; characteristic is that you know what you are afraid of
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra


The Essence

Mimulus is encouraging. And this just when you need it most, namely in situations that you fear the most. This may be the fear of exams as well as fear of dogs or the high bridges. It is the mundane things that frighten you - that is the distinguishing mark of Mimulus. The fear Mimulus dispels is concrete, familiar, nameable. For the treatment of uncertain and vague fears there are other flower essences like Aspen.


Mimulus flower essence is for very cautious people with little self-confidence who are shy and do not like to talk about their problems. This essence helps them to show the world, who they are, take a firm stand and learn to take risks.

©Dirk Albrodt

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