Scleranthus - The Decision Maker

Scleranthus - Scleranthus annuus

up to 20 cm tall, annual flowering herb in the pink family; low, spreading stems up to 15 centimeters long;  needle-like leaves; flowers in leaf axils or at branch ends, consist only of the five-leaved green calyx
Distribution: Europe, Asia, and North Africa
Flowering time: May to October


Keywords: balance, obtain and accept advice
Description: helps with dilemmas when one can not decide between two apparent opposites (eg, fleeing or holding still)
Chakra: Throat Chakra


The essence

Scleranthus provides us with an essences that can help to overcome indecisiveness. It can work as a type remedy, means if the inability to make clear decisions is like a red thread through all your life, when you waver back and forth and repeatedly revise your decisions. This type of person makes the decisions all alone and by himself. For some reason he does not ask others for advice, discuss the issue and looks for new perspectives. He searches for answers inside, where he is stuck between two poles and remains helpless.

Actually Scleranthus can also help with the short term weakness of decision and is useful in all the tricky situations that demand a serious decisions with unforeseeable impact.


Scleranthus helps to solve the inner dilemma and, eventually, even get one piece of advice. It teaches how important it can be to look at things from a different perspective like others do, who are not affected themselves. This flower essence enables to find a response to the pressing issues of life.

©Dirk Albrodt

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