Oak - The Power of Silence

Oak - Quercus robur

long-lived up to 45 m tall handsome tree, crown width, solid stem; light gray bark with ridges and furrows;  lobed short-stalked 7–14 cm long leaves; male flowers green catkins, female flowers small and red
Distribution: Europe, Asia, America
Flowering time: April


Keywords: insight, patience, softness
Description: Helps with tireless militancy, if you can never give up and continue fighting when a case is hopeless
Chakra: Chakra
Acupuncture Meridians: Directing Vessel, Governing Vessel


The essence

Just as the Oak itself people who need their essence are often big, strong, protective, bearing responsibility, are self-sacrificing, tireless and persistent. But in one aspect the Oak tree as a plant is one step ahead: it knows when it‘s time to pull back, take a break and relax. Oaks throw off their leaves in the fall just like yesterday‘s worries. Their fresh green in spring proves that it did the recover well.


Taking a break is a lesson that you can learn in a good as well as a bad way, but it can not be avoided when you‘re an Oak personality. The good way lets you estimate your strength and deal with it economically, you simply enjoy more and toil less. The bad version of the lessen forces you to pause by sending a disease, one caused by carelessness, accident, a breakdown - whatever it is, the lesson is definitely more bitter than once to put your feet up and enjoy your evening.

If you find it difficult to have a break when there still is so much to do - try Oak.

©Dirk Albrodt

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