Star of Bethlehem - Healing for the injured

Star of Bethlehem - Ornithogallum umbellatum

10 to 20 cm high perennial member of the Lily family; can be found along roadsides, in thickets and meadows; loves, nitrogen-containing clay soil;  flowers in corymbose racemes with 6-20 flowers, petals, white with green stripes on the back.
Distribution: Asia, Europe, North Africa
Flowering time: April, May

Star of Bethlehem

Keywords: Pain Release
Brief description: for shock, trauma and injury; relieving effects; helps to wholeness, integration of all parts of the personality and experience.
Chakras: Basis and Crown Chakra
Body Zone: Navel

Star of Bethlehem

The essence

Star of Bethlehem gives hope and comfort when you experience accidents, shocks, mental as well as physical injuries. It works with all kinds of traumas and allows to feel like being reborn. In addition, this flower actually supports birthing: it turns the pain of childbirth into the joy about a new life.

Externally the essence helps with injuries, sprains and bruises when you use it with wet packs and fomentations. Internally it heals the „bruising of the soul.“ If you get to deal with a physical or mental shock, when your trust is abused, you witness an accident or meet one yourself.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem brings new courage and new hope and convinces you that a new beginning is possible. The essence comforts and soothes great terrors, bad news and non-fulfillment of your hopes.

©Dirk Albrodt

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