Pinto Peanut (Arachis pintoi)

Establish your own self-relationship staying centered through the heart connection flaws and all. Give yourself permission to balance between love and lust beyond doubt trusting your heart to show you the way. Setting honest intentions to shift positive expectations about yourself allows for a natural unfolding of lasting love. Take a risk to be in a healthy lasting relationship allows you to attracts someone who shares those same qualities. Through the heart trust all things are possible. This allows you to wisely go for the fulfilling relationships you deserve. Enjoy the journey of self-discovery relating with someone for whom you lust while ebbing of change and growth are taking place. If the chemistry is right, it will transform into a balance between committed love and red hot sex.

When someone pushes your buttons because in truth you expect people to act the way you want them to. It breaks karmic dominance that provokes a low frequency
By taking you beyond your sense limitations your sense of equilibrium and intuitive insight is enhanced. This brings awareness of your personal power to
When your core beliefs where once shattered. A sense of failure leads to avoiding making choices. Not making a choice places blocks of hindrance to avoid
Brings awareness to the a part of you that you do not like and which you judge. The self is thirsty for love. Realize that you must bring all the pieces
It keeps you grounded in times of upheaval during the acceleration of our planets paradigm shift. There is nothing to fear. Brings understanding the rubber
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