Accident and Emergency Flower Essence

Panic and Anxiety

Accident & Emergency is similar to Bach’s ‚Rescue Remedy®‘ but we have added Dandelion essence. It is ideal for any situation where shock, fright, panic or nervousness are present. It has an immediate calming effect.

Rescue Remedy has been used for over 50 years to help with panic attacks, coping with exam stress, feeling faint and any emergency. It is also very good for pet anxiety.

This essence is our only combination preserved in Organic cognac, to keep it as near as possible to Bach’s Rescue Remedy.


  • Rock Rose - for terror and panic
  • Impatiens - for stress and tension
  • Star of Bethlehem - for shock
  • Cherry Plum - for desperation
  • Clematis - for that out-of-body feeling before loss of consciousness
  • Dandelion - for bringing you back to earth and into your body

The Accident and Emergency Combination Essence Story

We made this essence as Rescue Remedy is the flower remedy/essence most people have heard of (legally we are no longer allowed to call them remedies as this implies they actually work!!!!!). Rescue Remedy was made by Dr. Bach to help in emergency situations, when someone has had an accident and is in shock. It is often taken before people visit the dentist, before exams or driving tests and any other situation where fright and panic are present. We have added Dandelion essence to the mix as it is very grounding and brings you back to now. This grounding effect means that it is very good to add to your watering can when you are watering in cuttings or transplanted seedlings to stop them feeling so shocked and we have had great success with using it this way. As people are so used to the taste of Rescue Remedy we make this combination with organic brandy rather than vodka.

It is the perfect essence to give to children after they have fallen over along with homeopathic Arnica (for bruises) and no handbag or medicine cabinet should be without it.

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