The Path Ahead Combination Flower Essence

Find your purpose

This combination, of five different apple essences, helps bring clarity and moves you towards fruitfulness. To see your true path ahead and bring awareness to what you are here for.


  • Falstaff - for knowing what you want & need to do
  • Ashmead’s Kernel - purity, clarity, generosity & bountifulness
  • Cider Apple - experimenting with ideas
  • Lane’s Prince Albert - self discovery. Who do you want to be?
  • Kidd’s Orange - focus and will power

The Path Ahead Combination Essence Story

My garden has a lovely selection of apple trees, some have been here for over 40 years and some are new arrivals. The blossom time is wonderful ,the whole valley is filled with the beautiful whitish pink flowers.

I initially made this essence with a group of teenagers in mind that needed direction. All apple essences carry a very clean and focused message of being here now. Most of us have found ourselves having a bath to relax and then thinking about all the things we should be doing or having a conversation with someone and not paying our full attention to that person. Apple essences in general help us focus our attention to be here right now.

Over the two week blossom time I made five apple essences from different varieties of apple trees.

Each variety had a particular message:

  • Falstaff apple tree Its message was to assist you in what you want or need to do. It’s important to have a mission statement or several for what you want in your life. If you can take time to do a short visualisation journey and take the essence this will assist you in finding a mission statement. See exercise below.
  • Ashmeads Kernel apple tree: for purity clarity generosity and bountifulness. When you are working on your mission statement its good to work out your own set of values.
  • Unknown variety of cider apple: for experimenting with ideas. It is essential to experiment - you may find that something is very important to you that you have not noticed or discovered. Experimenting will allow you to expand and multiply your vision of what you want to do and what you want to see in ‚The Path Ahead‘
  • Lanes Prince Albert apple tree: for self discovery. Who do you want to be? Feel free to create a future that is very different from what you are doing now. Try things out and do get rid of any problems that are stopping your creation. For example money constraints, health problems, family expectations, friends. This is your life to be who you want to be.
  • Kidds Orange apple tree: for focus and will power. For any project to succeed you need to take the first step and keep on track. Make sure you reward yourself and have FUN - this will strengthen your will power.

For when you need hope This combination is for those times when you feel you are about to fall into a dark abyss, are suffering from dark thoughts and
 for improving communication skills This combination essence is for speaking in public, improving communication skills, difficult conversations,
 When you want to sparkle. Boosting self confidence. Feeling fabulous. Learning to love yourself. Improving self confidence. Have a good time....Contains: Potentilla
Stick to the plan This combination essence is for when you are trying to change your patterns and behaviour and need all the help you can get keeping
Just get on with it ! This energising combination essence helps you kick start any project, giving help with: creative block.writers block.organization.creativity.procrastination.
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