Breathe Deep, Seek Peace Combination Flower Essence

For winding down, letting go

People who have trouble sleeping often find this essence helps.


  • Rio Clarillo - to let go and wash away all those old feelings
  • Bindweed - for untangling
  • Oak - just stop and be still
  • Speedwell - slow down, everything is as it should be
  • Wild Garlic - universal support/letting go of fears
  • Red Chestnut - stop worrying about others
  • White Chestnut - just let go of those thoughts

The Breathe Deep, Seek Peace Combination Essence Story

Most of our lives are busy and complex. Lots of us juggle work and family, have financial problems and get caught up in the everydayness of life. There is a lot to deal with and it’s no wonder we carry stuff with us to bed.

This combination essence is great to take at the end of a hard day. We made it for people who find it difficult to relax and let go and/or who have trouble sleeping. Many people have found that a few drops in a long hot bath works wonders.

Saskia Marjoram

For when you need hope This combination is for those times when you feel you are about to fall into a dark abyss, are suffering from dark thoughts and
 for improving communication skills This combination essence is for speaking in public, improving communication skills, difficult conversations,
 When you want to sparkle. Boosting self confidence. Feeling fabulous. Learning to love yourself. Improving self confidence. Have a good time....Contains: Potentilla
Stick to the plan This combination essence is for when you are trying to change your patterns and behaviour and need all the help you can get keeping
Just get on with it ! This energising combination essence helps you kick start any project, giving help with: creative block.writers block.organization.creativity.procrastination.
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